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IVR Orchestrator provides bulk orchestration of IVR prompt media across multiple IVR’s in your RingCentral® account. The IVR prompt is the media that callers hear when calling an IVR before any key presses are performed. A summary of available features includes:

  • Bulk orchestration of IVR prompt media across multiple IVR’s.
  • Schedule and combine prompts to start/end on a specific date/time.
  • Tag IVR names with custom values to group and filter by business-specific logic for easier bulk editing.
  • API integration to your RingCentral media library and IVR’s.
  • Customizable role-based access and granular permissions control.

Begin with the Quick start guide or visit the General section for full documentation.

Multi-Level IVR’s must be implemented on the account to use this application.

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