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Profile menu

The Profile Menu can be accessed by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner. If you do not have an avatar picture set in GlipĀ® you will see an auto-generated avatar containing your initials.

If you wish to add an avatar to GlipĀ® that can be used by this application, follow the instructions for adding an avatar to your Glip profile.

This menu has five (5) options that can be used for locating your IVR Orchestrator app subscription expiration, finding help, accessing the change log, the web app about information and signing out of the application. The profile menu is where you can find the remaining duration of your IVR Orchestrator app license/subscription.


  • App subscription expiration- indicates amount of time left in current IVR Orchestrator app license/subscription.
  • Help center- links to support and documentation.
  • Change log- links to the change log.
  • About- build information and acknowledgements.
  • Sign out- sign out of the application (terminates current session).

IVR Orchestrator Profile Menu

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