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IVR datatable actions

The IVR datatable actions are the primary way to interact with your IVRs prompt media configurations. The actions can be found directly above the datatable. Some actions can be engaged immediately but the Edit action requires selecting the checkbox(es) next to the IVR(s) before it will become available:

IVR datatable actions


Edit the prompt media configuration for one, or more, IVRs. You must select which IVR(s) you want to edit by engaging the checkbox in front of the IVR’s name to make this action available.

To edit only one IVR, click on the name of that IVR to open up it’s prompt media configuration details.


The Reload icon ( Reload icon ) will pull all IVR datatable details and associated prompt media data found in your RingCentral® account. Use the reload option to load new IVR data after you make changes in the RingCentral admin portal.


The Tune icon ( Tune icon ) allows you to toggle on and off the Applied Media, Ext and Site columns from being shown in the datatable. Use this feature to de-clutter your view when you are using the Optional Naming Convention feature to include custom datatable columns.


The Export icon ( Export icon ) will export all entries in the datatable to .xlsx file format. Alternatively, you can select the checkbox(es) next to the row item(s) to export only the selected entries.


The Filter icon ( Filter icon ) opens the filter options menu. Here you can use preset filters options from the dropdown menu and then type your keyword to filter the datatable. To add another filter, click the ‘Add Filter’ button below the last entry. To clear all filters, click on the ‘Clear All’ button.

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