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Import new media

Adding one or more media file (s) is easy with IVR Orchestrator and can be accomplished in the Media section of the app with the Import button.

Import New Media

To add one or more media file (s):

  1. click the ‘Import’ button.
  2. Choose one or more media files to upload in the Import Dialog Menu.
  3. Wait for upload success.
  4. Click Upload and a success or error confirmation dialog will confirm final results.
  • If you receive a success confirmation dialog, your audio files are now available for use as media files in IVR Orchestrator and your RingCentral® account.
  • If you receive an error dialog: read the errors, check that your file is compatible (wav/mp3), and try uploading again.

Import Dialog Menu

When you click the Import button, you will see the Import Dialog Menu. Here you can upload one or more files and the system will display feedback as the file is uploaded. Errors will also be displayed here and the user can remove and upload again if an error is encountered.

  • To remove a file after it has been imported, simply hover over the item and then click Remove icon( Remove icon ) to remove it from the Import Dialog Upload queue.

Media File Formats

MP3 and WAV file types are supported.

Managing Media Files

Please note that all media is universal across your RCO account and IVR ORchestrator. This allows for management of your media files in IVR Orchestrator, or in your RingCentral Office account.

If you add a media file in IVR Orchestrator, it will appear in your RingCentral account and vice versa. The same applies when deleting media; the media file will be deleted and removed from both applications.

  • Media imported into this application will appear in the RingCentral account media library.
  • Media added directly to the RingCentral account media library will appear in this application.
  • Deleted media will be removed from both this app and the RingCentral Office account media library.

Delete Media

To delete one or more media files, simple check the box to the left hand side of the associated row item(s) and the Delete button will become available.

    1. Select the media files to delete by clicking the checkbox on the left hand side of the row item.
    1. Click the Delete button above the data table that is now available.
    1. Confirm deletion of selected media file(s) by clicking the second Delete button in the Confirmation Dialog Menu.
    1. Your items will be deleted and a success or error confirmation dialog will confirm final results.

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