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Editing Role Permissions

A list of all roles present in your RingCentral® is automatically populated in this section for easy role access enablement and permissioning. You may grant read-only (RO) or read-write (RW) access to each individual section of this application and to any given role in your RingCentral account.

Enable App Access for a Role

To enable access to IVR Orchestrator for non-super admin roles, you must engage the first switch, App Access for the role you wish to give access.

  1. Find the Role you want to give app access to.
  2. Engage the App Access switch to enable and allow users of that role type to login to app.
  3. When App Access is enabled the first time, the role will default to RO or read-only access by default.

Pease note that the built-in RingCentral super admin role is hardcoded with permanent RW access to avoid the potential of accidentally getting locked out. A user with a super admin role on the RingCentral account must perform the initial role-enablement for other users of this application.

RO or Read-only Access

By default, when you engage the App Access switch, the role will be given RO, or read-only permissions for each section by default. This will allow the users of that role type to login and see the data, but are unable to edit it.

  • RO is read-only access or view mode. The users of the role type cannot make any edits if RO is enabled for that section of the app.

RW or Read-write Access

If you wish to give users of a given role edit permissons, simply flip the associated permission switch to RW, or read-write for that section of the app.

To deliver full app access for a role type, change all switches to the RW option. This role type will now have full application access and can edit any section of the app.

  • RW is read-write or edit mode. Users of that role type can change settings in that section of the app.

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