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Users datatable

The Users datatable, under the users tab, displays the users that have accessed IVR Orchestrator from your RingCentral® account. The datatable displays information about each user, their first and last name, the role of the user, and when they last logged into the Ivr Orchestrator.

Users Datatable Columns

  • First Name- the first name of user.
  • Last Name- the last name of user.
  • Role- the role assigned to this user.
  • Last Login- the the last time this user logged into the IVR Orchestrator.

The Roles tab displays the roles and the associated permissions they might have regarding their access to IVR Orchestrator. Visit the roles datatable page to learn more.


By default the data is sorted by the First Name value in a descending order. To change the sort order of a column click the Sort arrows icon( Sort arrows icon ) next to the column name you would like to sort. It will cycle through the following options:

  • Descending- first click
  • Ascending- second click
  • Default- third click


At the bottom of the datatable are the pagination elements. To the left is the page selection that allows you to select a page and to the right are the rows per page and total entries.

Pagination Options

Quickly traverse between all of the pages in the datatable by clicking on a page number or by clicking the pagination buttons displayed to the left and right of the page numbers:

  • Click on a page number to visit that page
  • Previous Page Icon previous page
  • Next Page Icon next page

Rows Per Page

Click on the up or down arrows next to the rows per page text to change the number of entries displayed on each page of the datatable:

Rows Per Page


Entries displays the total count of existing notifications.

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